Water & Spirit Everything Deal + 35 Study Guides

WATER AND SPIRIT combines a unique pattern of Scriptures with a revolutionary new interactive teaching technique to achieve amazing results. In less than one hour the students will receive their own personal revelation of Water and Spirit, and most will want to act upon it immediately.


  • Teacher's Manual
  • Teacher's Video (DVD)
  • 35 Study Guide Handouts
  • PowerPoint Presentation (Downloadable PPT)
  • Teacher's Manual (Downloadable PDF)
  • Teacher's Audio MP3 (Downloadable MP3)
  • Teacher's Manual Spanish (Downloadable PDF)
  • BONUS: 2 Study Guide Handout - Enhanced Editions


Spanish materials may be substituted for any portion of your order.

For example you may replace the English Teacher's Manual with a Spanish Teacher's Manual. You could request 30 Study Guide Handouts in English and 5 in Spanish. Or you may get all 35 in Spanish. (if you have questions feel free to ask)


Purchased Separately: $179.99 



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