Ambassador to Germany Baptized after Water & Spirit


“This lady moved to Germany to work as the Deputy Ambassador for her African nation. She attended other churches and ended up praying for God to bring her to a church that preaches truth. She took a Taxi to come to our church, but ended up on the other side of town one hour away. She told the driver, “no – take me to the right address”. She finally made it and she started attending faithfully several Bible studies.

We had a German brother who lives in Florida come with his wife to help us for a month. I gave him the Water & Spirit Bible Study to use and he taught her another Bible study using Water & Spirit. Afterwards he asked if she would like to be baptized. She said yes!  Her and two of her family members were baptized in Jesus name! Another daughter has heard about it and is moving here and she wants to be baptized as well!”

— Bernhard Suppan, Missionary to Germany

Water & Spirit + Burden for Souls = Life Forever Changed


“9 months ago I met a meth addict whose life was a wreck and in shambles. She didn’t have her kids. I asked her, “Are you ready for God to turn your life upside down?” She said yes and she meant it.

Leeann and I gave her a (Water & Spirit) Bible study and she was baptized in Jesus name and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Continue reading

Water & Spirit taught on sidewalk leads to Baptism


Pastor Young from Texas recently received the Water & Spirit Bible Study.  He learned how to teach it by seeing it taught with the result being a lady getting baptized in Jesus name and receiving the Holy Ghost.

The next day he had so much faith and a burning desire to find a willing candidate for him to teach his first Water & Spirit Bible Study to, that he began talking to a man he met on the city sidewalk.

He was able to teach him Water & Spirit right there on the sidewalk! The man received his revelation of you must be Born Again of the Water & Spirit. His desire to be baptized was so strong that he had Pastor Young take him to a nearby pond and baptize him in Jesus name immediately!

The Book of Acts lives on…

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Received the Holy Ghost during Bible Study!


“PRAISE REPORT!!!! We met Ronald and Keaisha a few months ago doing drive by outreach. Keaisha called me telling me that God told her to come to a King’s Inner Court in home Bible Study. During the Bible Study this Evening Keaisha was filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues!!!!!!! She has already been baptized in Jesus name and she is on her way back to college tomorrow armed and dangerous in the Holy Ghost!!!!! #revival ‪#‎HolyGhostpower‬! ‪#‎Godisonthemove‬!!!”

Ariane and Sha – Indianapolis, Indiana


Water & Spirit being used successfully in West Monroe, LA



Mark Foster’s church in West Monroe, LA has just began using the Water & Spirit Bible Study. They report the head of the Bible study ministry team “taught Water and Spirit to a man and woman a couple weeks ago and both were baptized, this past Sunday afternoon they taught it to a young couple who was visiting our church for the first time and both of them were baptized Sunday night. And this guy Brandon came up out of the water speaking in that heavenly language. Needless to say that has the whole team pumped.” They are currently training all their Bible study teachers to teach Water & Spirit. Glory to God!

Continue reading

Water & Spirit even works on Craigslist!

Water & Spirit even works on Craigslist!

“If you are looking for a way to win souls, Water & Spirit will work for you!”


— Sam Ellis

Sam felt led to create a Craigslist ad asking if anyone was interested in learning more about the Bible. The next day he received a call. Watch the video to hear his amazing testimony.


This opened the door for her brother’s to be given Water & Spirit Bible Studies the next week and they were baptized immediately as well and received the Holy Ghost!