Water & Spirit Soulwinner Special 50 Study Guides + 50 Bookmarks

WATER AND SPIRIT combines a unique pattern of Scriptures with a revolutionary new interactive teaching technique to achieve amazing results. In less than one hour the students will receive their own personal revelation of Water and Spirit, and most will want to act upon it immediately.




  • Includes the complete Scriptures of Water and Spirit
  • Perfect to teach Water and Spirit from
  • Give a Study Guide Handout to each student
  • Saves time and embarrassment looking up Scriptures
  • Students will get to keep and have all the Scriptures
  • Students can use to immediately teach others
  • Useful in Altars to show Baptism/Holy Ghost Scriptures
  • Give to new converts so they will have the Scriptures
  • Handout as a tract to those you are trying to win


Contains all the Scripture references for the Water & Spirit Bible Study.

Has the wording that is used to compel to baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost!

Perfect for:

  • Keeping in your Bible
  • Carrying in your purse
  • Keeping in your car glove box
  • Always having the Scriptures ready
  • Teaching a quick Bible Study
  • Handing out as tracts and gifts
  • Giving in Christmas or other cards