Water & Spirit + Burden for Souls = Life Forever Changed

September 30, 2015

Water & Spirit + Burden for Souls = Life Forever Changed

"9 months ago I met a meth addict whose life was a wreck and in shambles. She didn't have her kids. I asked her, 'Are you ready for God to turn your life upside down?' She said yes and she meant it.

Leeann and I gave her a (Water & Spirit) Bible study and she was baptized in Jesus name and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

She's had bumps, hiccups, roadblocks, but she kept moving forward. 9 months later because of her obedience to the Word, she has her own apartment, her daughter, a job, a car, and she hosts a weekly Bible study at her home with Leeann McIntosh.

She has such a wonderful personality and is funny and crazy. To say I am proud of her is an understatement. She always asks questions and is eager to know how to walk in the Spirit.

She was raised in (another) church and baptized in the titles, but nothing happened until she went into the water and the name of Jesus was spoken over her and she felt the fire of the Holy Ghost fall on her at the altar. That is a true conversion experience.

Keep working out your salvation my friend, we are here for you!

Jesus did that when you allowed the Holy Ghost in you to lead you. God used me and Leeann to help change a life and that, my friend is what it is all about.

We love this girl like one of our own kids."

-- Shad McIntosh

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