Pastor Deloa's Testimonial

June 08, 2014

Pastor Deloa's Testimonial

As a pastor of a church I have always tried to make it much easier for our saints to teach a simple Bible study, but most do not have the time in the day to study like a pastor does.

When (Water & Spirit) was presented to me I thought "Ah! another money making thing" so i said "well my money is going for a good cause but let me order some just to see if it works."

One of the men of our church came to me and said this exactly. "Pastor I had tried teaching this woman who was to die Bible studies, because she is straight Catholic, but when I presented the bible studies from that little booklet (Water & Spirit Study Guide Handout), she immediately said yes".

So we baptized her and she came out of the water speaking in tongues.

It took some time but now a lot of our people are using the little tract books and they work.

I would tell you try but you have to encourage the people to read the booklet and teach them the importance of using it. That took a little time .. But anyhow it does work.

-- Pastor Armando Deloa Abundant Life Ministries International Bellflower, CA

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