"Water and Spirit Strikes Again. Thank you Lord for this Soul winning tool!"

July 14, 2016

"I have a friend from my BC Years who I was inviting to church. We drank together, did drugs, stole things together. We were skaters. Anyway I had been praying hardcore for Derek. He seemed hungry but wouldn’t make a commitment to a Bible Study.

Derek got in trouble with the Law got sent to prison. While in prison a dear sister in the Lord was teaching anger management classes. Anyway she was exposing him to the Lord. When he was set to get out she directed Derek to our church Lol.

I was on my knees in prayer in the prayer room before service, looked up and there stood Derek. I couldn't believe my eyes that it was Derek. He started attending services. On service number three I asked Derek again, 'Can I teach you a Bible study?' He said, 'YES, I would love to.'

So I went to his house and taught him the Water and Spirit Bible Study. Derek’s eyes just lit up as he was receiving Jesus name baptism and the need for the Holy Ghost with evidence of tongues.

We baptized Derek Sunday night in Jesus Name and He received the Gift of the Holy Ghost immediately with speaking in tongues as evidence. Praise the Lord.

God answered prayers. I told Derek, 'Man if you would have let me teach you this the first day I asked you probably wouldn't have went to prison cause you would have been living for the Lord.' Lol

He said, 'Man I wanted to but was really skeptical of the whole Holy Ghost thing. I knew basically what you believe.'  Lol

Derek was like, 'Man that Bible study give me an understanding of how to truly be saved.'

He text me and was like, 'Donnie guess what?' I was like, 'Tell me.' HAHAHAHA. He said, 'I have not smoked one stoggie or drink one beer since I Got the Holy Ghost. I went home and trashed the cigs and poured my alcohol in the toilet. And I'm so glad I did. Broke all my Cds and went online found me some christian music!' Lol

Water and Spirit Strikes again. Thank you Lord for this Soul winning tool."

— Donnie Shiplet

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